Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My little climber!

Brian is really starting to climb all over everything these days! He really must think he is a little monkey! I panicked just for a second when I looked over at him and saw him sitting on his table, but when he started to try to stand on it that is where I had to draw the line. This morning he flipped his toy basket onto it's long edge and climbed that and tried to get on top of the TV stand. He was touching the TV when Dean ran over and pulled him off. Needless to say the toy box is no longer in the living room, I don't think Dean would ever let me live if Brian broke his TV while I was in the bathroom. Ugh! I think I'm going to lose my mind when I have two active little boys!


JimKels said...

I hear you on the two little boys!! What on earth are we going to do???? You cracked me up about Dean not forgiving you for the TV...I was thinking you were going to say he wouldn't fogive you if B got hurt!!! Too funny!!!
I posted some videos on our blog!!!
These crazy boys...what are we gonna do??