Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the little things that make me proud

It is the little things that Brian does, learns, or figures out that makes me so proud of him. Things that nobody else except his mom and dad care about. It's those little things. Things like pushing his arms through his sleeves, pulling his head out of his shirt at bed time, learning how to open the wipe box (not so good), using toys or boxes as a step to get up onto the couch (also not so good), learning how to throw the ball, knowing that it's mommy's hand inside his puppet, knowing that when I sign food to him he knows it's time to eat or figuring out how to peel the duct tape off the cabinet to open the doors whether its with his little fingers or his sharp teeth. It's these little things that he picks up on and figures out. Even the things I'm not really happy about him knowing, I'm still proud that he's learned it. My little boy is getting so big!


JimKels said...

the many little things we mommies appreciate!!!