Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long update with a month worth to catch up on!

Where to start? It's been a really long time. Sorry. Life with a 5 month old and a 19 month old is getting harder and harder. The days of leaving Nathan on the couch while Brian ate lunch is past us and leaving Brian. So I guess I should catch you all up some!

Family events- Did I tell you all we went to the Zoo? Well we did. A long time ago. haha. Brian had alot of fun and Nathan didn't care. Here are some pictures. Brian is more interested in the pebbles in the wall.

The Prairie dog exhibit lets you stick your head up in these plastic bubbles and get really close to the animals. It was really hot in that plastic bubble, we didn't stay in there too long!Brian chasing the peacock around.See Nathan was there.
The giraffe room lets you get really close.This is Great-Granddaddy, Nathan and Brian. I can't believe Brian sat still long enough for this picture!

We also took a trip to Busch Gardens. We just took Brian with us and left Nathan at Grandma's house. Brian had a blast! It was really hot and humid that day. We had to cut it short since a toddler can only handle so much heat and he ran out of energy. He got to ride a couple rides in the Sesame Street area, and loved the 4D Sesame Street show! It was his first movie in a theater. Here are some pictures which I will tell you about the things we did and saw.

Brian rode this ride all by himself. I was really nervous letting him go alone but the attendant assured me he would be ok. It was his favorite!
This is Land of the Dragons.
He rode the carousel like a big boy. Daddy showed him how to hold on and he did! He loved it!
I didn't know how he would react to the snake but he really didn't care. He looked at the trees more.This is from the aviary. Dean tried to get one of the birds to hop up on to his finger and the bird bit him. I laughed and Dean won't let me put it on the internet.
I took this picture while we were waiting for the 4D movie to start.
This is Oscar's Whirly Worm. Brian wasn't a big fan of this.
He wasn't very sure about the characters. It took alot to get him to go see them.
This is the very first ride that Brian rode at Busch Gardens! I can't believe they let him ride it! He looked so silly!

Brian had a blast a Busch Garden's. I can't wait to take both boys next year!
That is about it for the family activities. We are busy but it sure doesn't seem like it when I put it out in words.

So to update about the boys.

Brian- One word... busy!
Just this past week he came down with something that spiked his temperature up to 105. No other symptoms and he was better the next day. Very strange and weird, but toddlers just are that way! I can hardly keep him contained these days. If he is left alone for 1 minute he is climbing over the couch and will meet you at the top of the steps. He has scared me to death doing that. Not only climbing the stairs alone but I don't expect him and jump everytime. He's sneaky! We also started Potty Training. He did great on his first day! The second day he wanted nothing to do with the potty and refused to pee on it. He got sick the next day, so potty training is on hold till tomorrow. Here are some random pictures of just every day activities.

Temper tantrums are normal here. This is time out.Messy food is also normal here. Oh well it happens. This just happened to be beanie weanies.
Another messy meal of Ravioli. He got it from his his toes!

The aftermath of "nap time". Not quite sure how he sleeps in a bed with this many toys. But I think I remember as a kid always having lots of toys at the foot of my bed too!
Sick Brian. This was just this past week. He fever spiked to 105 suddenly. No other symptoms. All he wanted was this blanket and "ck ck" (Cookie Monster).Laid out on the couch.

He bounced back the next day and was back to tortuing Nathan. Speaking of Nathan...

Nathan- At our last doctor's visit he had an allergic reaction to the band-aids. He got a nasty blister afterward. I'm anxious to talk to his doctor about that at our next visit! He is getting big and changing every day. He likes to play with his toys now and laughs randomly at the silly things Brian does. We are holding off on the solids until 6 months. I am not ready to commit to that just yet!

Silly binky escaped his mouth.
This is to show how big he is. This onsie that he is wearing is 12month size and Brian wears it to bed on a regular basis.

All smiles!
Loves to play on the quilt my Aunt Lisa made for him.

Dean- He's been busy working! He needs a vacation soon! He been doing alot of fishing lately. That's pretty much all he does. Work and fish!

Me- I've been busy being a mom. I recently started up a small photography company. For now I work with one little girl and hoping to expand soon. I've also gotten into making bread. Here is a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin bread I made for breakfast not to long ago.
I've also been doing alot of couponing. I've really gotten into it. It really is a game to me. The challenge is to see how much money I can save. Here are a couple of trips that have really saved me alot! This cost me a grand total of $1.32

(12) Beech-Nut Stage 2, (3) Beech-Nut Stage 1, (6) Smart Water, (4) Fruit 2 O, (3) Playtex Gloves, (2) Deer Park 6 pk, (2) Rubbermaid Take-Alongs, (1) Playtex Drop-Ins, (1) Hefty One Zip 40 ct, (1) Hefty One Zip 20 ct, (1) Reach Floss
Total before Coupons: 84.02
Total After: 9.19(4) Smart Water, (2) Deer Park 6 pk, (2) Fruit 2O, (3) Dawn Direct Foam, (2) Playtex Gloves, (2) Reach Floss, (2) Duracell AA 4 pk, (2) Turkey Hill 1/2 Gallons (1) Kotex, (1) Carefree, (1) 2000 Flushes, (1) Hefty EZ Zip 40 ct., (1) Rubbermaid Take-Along
Total Before Coupons: $75.34
Total After: $6.66
This is about $140 worth of clothes. I got all of these clothes from Old Navy for about $67 The boys have a good start for this winter.

This is my trip from today. This cost me about 10 dollars.

Everything is going well here. Sorry it has been so long on the update. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!