Friday, December 15, 2006

Surgery details, graffic version

They make a zig-zag incision from ear to ear. They remove the forehead bone. The cut it, shape it, and flip it around and place it back in him. They remove the occipital bone in the back of his skull and do the same. They then take a strip of bone from the middle about 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches long out of his head and use it in other places. They put everything back in place and use absorbable plates and screws and then swe him back up with dissolvable stiches. He gets a nice coating of antibacterial gel and a turban to finish it off.

Surgery details, nice version

The surgery for Nathan involves and ear to ear incision. Then they will remove the middle part of his skull. They also take out the forehead bone and make it a better shape and they also do the same to the occipital bone (back of the head). They put it all back in and use absorbable plates and screws to keep it in place. they stick him back up and add a nice turban bandage.