Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maybe time for an update?

I seem to start every post with "So it's been awhile" and again, it's been awhile. Some of you may know that I started a couponing blog recently. You can check it out here.

The boys are doing great. Nathan turned 6 months old on August 24th and was a whopping 18 pounds 10 ounces! He is still at the top of the charts for everything and is following his curve just fine. He's just going ot be a big boy! Developmentally he is great. He is sitting up on his own pretty much. I still don't leave him by himself sitting since occasionally he does flop over. He seems to have no interest in crawling. He'd rather sit and watch his brother. Unlike Brian, he's really calm and talkative, whereas Brian was active and less talkative. Nathan will be chatting along with Brian before I know it!
Brian will be 21 months old tomorrow! i cna't believe that either! He has a lot of new words and can repeat almost anything you say. That's not a problem at home since we don't say bad words, but the public is another story!  Like the guy blarring his music in the car next to us! Or mommy yelling "move lady!" when she's in a hurry. I better start watching it. He has learned a few letters. He can tell you what "H" says and what "B" says! That's my smart little boy!
Dean's doing great too. He reenlisted in mid-August for another 4 years in the Navy. He's more than ready for a break from work.

Here is a picture from his re-enlistment
Natey touching the cupcakes I made for his half birthday. (He did get to taste the chocolate)
Brian enjoying the cupcakes for Natey's half birthday.

Nate's first taste of solids. (We are a little late on starting these)
Brotherly kisses. This happens a hundred times a day! 

Brian playing in his laundry hamper. He was stuck for awhile.
Brian being bad! Nathan was blowing raspberries and Brian thought he would join in. 
He lost his milk cup for awhile after this incident. The milk was all in his lap, his seat, and even dripped through somewhere onto the floor.
That's us for now! See ya soon!