Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still in the hospital...

Well it has been a couple of days since I've been able to update. Nathan is still in the hospital. The last couple of days have been up and down. He's been running a fever anywhere from 37.8 to 39.8. (100-103.6) When he has a fever they have to recheck every hour day and night, when he doesn't they only check every 4 hours. It makes for long nights when they check every hour. His incision is healing nicely. I tried to count the stitches but I keep loosing track. It's a lot. His swelling is going down. Last night he was able to open one eye and has been slightly happier since then. My mom stayed with him last night so that I could come home and get some sleep. Yesterday they were talking about letting him some home on Tuesday (today) if his fever was under control and if his blood work numbers came back good. This morning they drew blood and his hemacrit level was in the 20s. I don't know what that means but we should find out today if he'll need another transfusion. I am waiting to go back to the hospital now. I tried to go earlier and had a flat tire. Definitely not what I wanted today! I think that is everything that has happened really. Just trying to control his temp these days. Thanks for the prayers!